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It's been a busy few months, but not with much to talk about.

Rehearsals for "The Producers" started mid-July. That's going well so far!

Work has been weird. I've been working on a few very different projects for very different products. I've found it a bit stressful. Hopefully one of them will be in pretty good shape soon so I can stop worrying so much.

There's always something a little scary about starting something new. There are a million little choices to make and each one of those may make you curse yourself months or years later. Life is much better after the decisions are made and you can see what's working or not. Fixing mistakes feels better than guessing for me, I suppose.

Just thought I'd pop my head in after seeing that I got a shout out in this week's news post. Maybe I'll have some time to snipe some more low hanging fruit in DW's 'zila in September. DW/LJ code still feels very foreign to me, but throwing myself at foreign-feeling code is probably good for me from a growth perspective. :)

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